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Deep Dialog has been recognized internationally as a powerful and innovative tool for diagnosing key business relationships. Follow the links below to learn more.

Optimize Magazine
Digging Beneath Deep Dialog "Leadership begins with communicating. But real dialogue is harder than you think."

Knowledge@Wharton, Executive Education
Dialog or Death? "In our increasingly global civilization, deep, constructive dialog competencies are essential," Perlmutter says. "This is true not only in the world economy, but also between persons in the political, social-cultural, scientific, technological, medical and ecological domains. In business, domestically and internationally, where the boundaries of markets and corporations are more fluid than ever and where managers are thrown together into new international organizations and alliances, these competencies are vital. Especially in the political realm, it is dialog or death," he says.

Knowledge@Wharton, Strategic Management
On Deep Dialog "A life without Deep Dialog with some other person is experienced as barren and lacking in richness and meaning."

Key Books and Articles on Deep Dialog and Social Architecture
Toward a Theory and Practice of Social Architecture: The Building of Indispensable Institutions, Tavistock, 1965. Also published in Spanish, Hacia una Teoria y una Practica de Las Institutones Sociales, Edition Fontanella, Barcelona, 1967, translated by Dr. Garcia Nieto.

Multinational Organization Development: A Social Architectural Perspective, Addison Wesley, 1978, with David Heenan. Also published in Japanese by Kodansha, 1983.

International Technology Transfer Trilogy: The Muffled Quadrilogue, Pergamon Press, 1981, with Taghi Saghafi-Nejad & Richard Moxon.

Key Articles in Developing the Current Work on Deep Dialog
Compatroit and Foreigner: A Study of Impression Formation in Three Countries, with Jerome Bruner. Journal of Abnormal & Social Psychology, 55 (2), September, 1957.

The Multinational Firm and the Future. The Annals of the Academy of Political and Social Science, 403, September, 1972.

The Torturous Evolution of the Multinational Corporation. Columbia Journal of World Business, Jan-Feb, 1969. In 1985, this was voted best article written in the field of international business by 75 international scholars. It was the basis for Dr. Perlmutter's consulting with IBM for over 17 years, with over 100 multinational corporations, and for two keynote addresses to the World Economic Forum in Davos, Switzerland.

Developing Leadership Skills for Global Executives. See Alden Lank Personal and Managerial Feedback Groups: Harnessing Feedback to Enhance Leadership Skills, IMI, 1989, Geneva, Switzerland.

Cooperate to Compete Globally, with David Heenan. Harvard Business Review, 1984. Republished in numerous volumes, most recently, Global Strategies, Harvard Business Review Press, 1994.

Strategic Planning for a Global Business, with Bala Chakravarty. International Srategic Management: Challenges and Opportunities. Editors: F. Root and K. Visudibhan Tyler & Francis, 1992.

Paradigms for Societal Transitions, with Eric Trist. Concluding chapter in The Social Engagement of Social Science, Volume III. A Tavistock Anthology, University of Pennsylvania Press, 1997.

Four articles in the Financial Times Management Series (1997-1998): Becoming Globally Civilized; Rocky Roads to First Global Civilization; The Role of Multinational in a Multicultural World; Developing a Global Civilization Mindset.

Dialog on Deep Dialog, a working paper presented to the Global Dialogue Institute, January 13, 1999, Haverford College. Describing the Deep Dialog framework that has been used in numerous seminars in Wharton Executive Education, and with the following companies: Bowthorpe, Johnson Matthey, Aegon, Liechtenstein Global Trust, and Woodside Travel Trust.