Deep Dialogsm: Online Report Center
GuideStar's exclusive Online Report Center (ORC) gives you secure, real-time, online reporting facilities for accessing and analyzing your Deep Dialog Audit Scores.

ORC technology gives you:

  • A timely, reliable way to access and disseminate Audit results.
  • Convenient access to the report results plus critical, action-based recommendations based on your scores, exclusively designed to enhance the relationship on which the report is based.
  • The power to quickly respond to relationship challenges in real-time.
  • A painless way to organize your scores into reports that specifically address your business, project and/or relationship priorities.
  • Graphic presentations and data tables that are highly meaningful and easy to digest and understand.
  • Explanations of all included scores.

Use the ORC facilities with intuitive report building interfaces to extensively analyze Audit results. You can build basic and advanced reports using the format you select. Drill-down interfaces make it easy to report on Audit results for any size group or organization.

All ORC reports can be saved, printed, shared and sent via e-mail. You can, of course, also copy reports into many software applications including Microsoft Office -- Word, Excel and PowerPoint.

Best of all, no special software is required - nothing to install, purchase or configure. All you need is a Web browser and the powerful efficiency and versatility of GuideStar survey technology is available at your fingertips, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

Try the Online Demo Now
Try our free online Deep Dialog demo now. The results you see are from the ORC. Once you're a client, you'll have the ability to customize the way your reports are presented. You'll be amazed at how quickly and efficiently the ORC lets you leverage the power of the information included in all your Deep Dialog scorecards.